Citadel, Building Bridges With Music



Citadel is a group of musicians formed in the Kinsale Road Accommodation centre in 2018, who refuse to be put down by the system. They are from different countries, playing together and bringing you music from Burundi, South Africa, Ukraine and Angola and Tanzania.

The musicians perform songs from home, accompanied by rhythms and tunes from the world. Citadel raises awareness and spreads joy, peace and understanding by sharing their music with each other and with the Irish community.

The group was formed in September 2018, after a successful world music day, and have since performed in the International Guitar festival in Clonakilty, the fundraiser for MASI in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick, Culture night in Cork, the Intercultural day in Middleton, GLOW festival in Cork, and The Big Sing in the National Concert Hall in Dublin.

COVID put a break on their endeavours, but they have regrouped and are happy to take to the stage again. They recently performed in the ‘Night Out for Ukraine’ concert in the Cork Opera House. Some of the musicians are now refugees, others are newly arrived International Protection Applicants. They all speak different languages, but music is their universal language.

The aim of Citadel is to travel around Ireland to places with other direct provision centres, showing off the amazing talent that is hidden there.