About us



Our Mission:

To support and educate refugees and International Protection Applicants



Our Aims:

  1. To reduce levels of depression among International Protection Applicants
  2. To explore and develop IPAs’ and refugees’ talents using the skills they brought with them from their countries of origin.
  3. To facilitate intercultural dialogue and integration within the direct provision centres and in the local communities
  4. To create awareness around the issues facing IPAs and refugees



A diverse team for a diverse world.

International Community Dynamics wants to create change through positive action.

Our organisation strives to make everyone feel equal, regardless of race, marital status, family status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, member of the Traveller Community, or ability.

Our volunteers and board members are a perfect reflection of this statement, we aim to make diversity and inclusion a reality, wherever we go. 

Donate An Instrument​

We collect guitars and other instruments for people in Direct Provision. 

How You Can Help

Donate an Instrument

We collect guitars and other instruments for people in Direct Provision. You can help by donating an instrument. If you arte a music teacher, why not give some of your time for tuition? We also collect laptops (Windows 10, 4 GB, i3 and up).

Help us to raise awareness

We are always looking for opportunities to raise awareness around the plight of people in direct provision, in the International Protection Process, and the refugees in Ireland. We advocate about the enormous potential these people have to offer to society.

Become a partner

Collaboration is the key to success. If you would like to work with us, get in touch. Together we are stronger.

International Community Dynamics is unique in its approach. Its mixture of volunteers from all kinds of backgrounds makes me feel safe and understood when I contact them.
An International Protection applicant.