Killing Three Birds with One Stone. World Music Day at Bull McCabes.

By Roos Demol It had been on our mind for a long time. We wanted to do something special, something that at first glance looked simple and innocent, but carried a lot of importance. Norbert, at the same time, wanted to start collecting funds to keep up our work in partnership with the St RaphaelContinue reading “Killing Three Birds with One Stone. World Music Day at Bull McCabes.”

Working together across borders

International Community Dynamics has not been sitting still. Over the last few months, we have continued with the music lessons, helped the start-up of the Cork Migrants Centre and supplied asylum seekers with clothes to stay warm in the cold Irish winter. But what we are most proud of is the successful Christmas project, inContinue reading “Working together across borders”

Activité de celebration de la fête de Noël pour les Enfants de Rues

Dans nos objectifs de soutenir et de venir en aide aux victimes de guerres et de catastrophes naturelles et de promouvoir les droits des enfants, International Community Dynamics en collaboration avec les Scouts et Guides de Saint Raphaël de Bujumbura avons organisé la célebration de la fête de Noël avec les enfants des rues deContinue reading “Activité de celebration de la fête de Noël pour les Enfants de Rues”

Serious violations of Human rights in Africa.

Bonfils Niyongere, Burundian journalist Yesterday it was Liberia, Sierra Leone and South Africa. Today Burundi and Somalia top the international news reports and we have become used to the news of serious violations of human rights happening every day in the Democratic Republic of Congo, since the start of the fratricidal wars of 1995 andContinue reading “Serious violations of Human rights in Africa.”