International Community Dynamics became a Company Limited by Guarantee in September 2020.

Our Company number is 678109

Our tax number is 4008170HH

These are the first annual accounts for 2021. 

Note that we started trading in October 2021. This page will be updated regularly. 

INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY DYNAMICS COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTE Profit and loss account Financial period ended 31 August 2021 Year ended 31/08/21

Administrative expenses ) (6,478 Operating loss (6,478) 

Loss before taxation (6,478) Tax on loss – Loss for the financial period (6,478)

 All the activities of the company are from continuing operations. The company has no other recognised items of income and expenses other than the results for the financial period as set out above

Sponsorship and grants

  1. Rethink Ireland: 9000€ start up fund used for equipment and volunteer training. 
  2. Geologist INstitute Ireland: €500 used to pay the recruitment license.
  3. Anonymous: 5000€ to invest in marketing for recruit refugees Ireland
  4. Cork City FC: 1000€ for Recruit refugees Ireland