When minds meet

In May 2017 Roos and Norbert met each other during the preparations for Africa Day, where Roos interviewed Norbert for an Africa Day podcast.

They kept talking and discussed music and playing instruments and how this can be of benefit to people who are living under very stressful circumstances.

They decided to try one small project, collecting guitars for people in Direct Provision.

To their own surprise, the project went well, People were donating guitars, teachers were offering free tuition and residents of the direct provision centre were happy to get free guitar and keyboard lessons. They even got a mention in the press and on The LabTV. 

International Community Dynamics was set up as a community service in June 2017

Our aims are:

  1. To help refugees and asylum seekers to find their place in society
  2. To assist grassroots organisations abroad to support communities in need.
  3. To provide help and training for intercultural understanding

We are a Company Limited by Guarantee. Our company nr is 678109

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