KRAC11 Cricket in Direct Provision

Cricket is a very popular sport in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We found the residents from those communities playing cricket between the buildings. One of the players asked us if we could help them to get gear for them.

We love these kinds of challenges. After putting the question out on our social media, we got a tremendous amount of cricket gear, from local and national players.

It was not enough though, so we applied to the City Council, and were rewarded with 1500€. With this we bought cricket uniforms, cricket bats, balls, and leg, and arm protectors as well as helmets.

We came up with a name KRAC-11.

Munster cricket and Cricket Ireland have been very supportive, training our captain in coaching and providing winter training, while UCC offered the team their grounds for training in the summer.

The team continues playing and, if all goes well will turn into a club. Some of the players also play in Cork teams now, and one player(jumior) reached the National team. All this talent can only be good for Ireland!

The photos tell it all.