Citadel performing in Galway

2022, an Overview, starting with Citadel

Another year has passed, we have worked hard and achieved our goals of social impact.

Over the next three weeks I will report on the various projects. Today, Citadel


    Citadel was kicked back into action in March of this year, when we were asked to perform at a concert for the Red Cross, in the Cork Opera House. It had been 2 years since we had last performed, and we were happy to get the call, but also in a bit of a panic. Some of our members had moved on, and we were not sure if we could deliver. We got some new people together with the old, and we had 3 rehearsals together before the show.       

    It went down a storm. The audience loved us and we knew we were back! Nothing is more encouraging than applause. 

    Not long after the show, we received a call from a music promotor, who asked us to come and entertain the crowd in his tent at Electric Picnicand then from another promotor inviting us to the Songs from an Open Road Festival in Galway. Electric Picnic happened first. We got there thanks to the kind assistance of the Community Garda in Cork. We were treated like kings and were elated at the reactions we got. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience. Nkikita Wally joined us on the Djembe. Nkikita lives in Galway where he established the Galway African Diaspora. Our percussionist got COVID just a few days before the festival.

Then we received the news that we were selected to organise the Mediterranean Day concert for the Anna Lindh Foundation in Ireland, Cork. (Sponsored by the EU and the MEd day organisation) It was a first in Cork and Ireland, we had a few members who were sick, and decided to invite some guests along. The UCC Music Dept was kind enough to let us use their performance hall for free. The Deputy Lord Mayor agreed to open the event for us. It was a night to remember and hopefully one of a series of concerts over the coming years.


Here are some photos to remember the year by.

 Next week we will look at Recruit Refugees Ireland

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